When it comes to a vitamin and mineral supplements I have probably tried them all from the most expensive to the more reasonably priced and like many of the millions of sheep or should peeps across the world was led to believe I was doing my body the world of good when in fact I was doing it an injustice. My doctor always said they were a waste of money in one end out the other, his words exactly “Very expensive urine”

On my journey to be well again, getting rid of toxins from the body and my surrounding living space became of utmost importance to me particularly what we feed the body. Now there is no way of avoiding Jelly beans or chocolate in all forms at certain times of the year but that’s the exception not the rule. Cleaning products, how you clean your clothes, what you use to remove unwanted creepy crawlies, shampoo, soaps, body lotions and what you put into the garden. The skin being the largest organ is constantly bombarded with toxins, then there is what you breathe in that on its own cannot be controlled then what you eat food you buy, fast food, fillers, colourants, the list just goes on and on.

Living simply became a choice and contrary to belief, it is not as expensive as people make it out to be. Growing your own fruit and vegetables is not always and option for most people and in this fast and furious lifestyle that has consumed most people today stopping to smell the roses is difficult so imagine trying to fit food in there somewhere too. Finding an honest natural supplement is nowhere to be found. When you think that for a product to be classed as Natural it only needs to contain 10% natural product, so what is the other 90% made from plastic? I ask myself?

So, I have gone from growing my own herbs, fruits, vegetables and some spices onward to drying them and bottling them, oh, studying them too, From not doing any chemistry at school to now loving the very mention of it, honestly I still have a long way to go.

B Vitamins are water soluble and can be taken with a glass of water and the balance seem to be fat soluble so needs fat to become bioavailable to our bodies. Now that’s a big word even for me but a couple of years ago, maybe more than a couple of years ago fat free was the way to go and with it went our bodies ability to absorb necessary vitamins and minerals, now that fat is once again king, Hello, there seems to be an improvement in peeps health, with a long way to go but it is a start.

Wellness Caps (capsules) are born to my humble stable with the Natural in mind. Whilst I cannot say they are organic, I can say they are 100% natural grown plants.

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